MIAMI 2018

Omar Sicilia (born on August 10, 1985 in Puerto Padre, Cuba) is an authentic Cuban singer-songwriter and inheritor to the poetry of the Nueva Trova, the movement that emerged during the sixties. Although, his true influences come from a generation of singer-songwriters, who, during the eighties fused Cuban music with elements of Pop – Rock.

After graduating as an Arts Instructor in 2004 from the Pedagogical University of Las Tunas, Cuba, Omar taught music in elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools until 2006 all the while developing his own unique song writing skills. While sharing his music with fellow musicians, one to one and hand to hand, while offering concerts at the most prestigious festivals in Cuba, his songs began to be part of the soundtrack of a young generation of Cubans.

In October 2009, he invited other musicians to create his band, Kereya.

In August 2012, Omar Sicilia, with Kereya, signed as professional musicians with the Cuban Institute of Music. He began to be recognized for his authentic Cuban music fused with essential features of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Country. In August 2014, Omar Sicilia traveled to Canada to carry out an extensive tour of the province of Ontario, offering concerts in cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Orillia, Owen Sound and more. Sharing with artists and audiences who speak other languages ​​has made Omar Sicilia a universal artist. With only his guitar and voice, or accompanied by the talented musicians who form Kereya, Omar Sicilia has been able to reach the heart of the people in cities of United States, Canada, Mexico and Cuba – where he always returns to sing, delivering music, love and freedom unlimited.